The history of Africa and America are inextricably bound together

Future market growth opportunities between the nations will be developed by and for people of African descent

Africa has the potential to be the world’s bread basket.

Africa Population Forecast Chart

The market opportunity for innovative tech solutions between America and Africa is largely untapped. Fourth Wave focuses on engaging technologies from the USA, Europe, India & Africa to collaborate on delivering world class business and socio-economic solutions to the market.

For Black American consumers, who command $1.3 trillion in annual buying power, much of product discovery takes place on mobile devices. A even larger market exists for African American entrepreneurs to access.

Africa is the original home of the human species; it’s where it all began. Africa simultaneously is the oldest and youngest continent in the world. The population of Africa is estimated at 1.225 billion people today between the ages of 16-35.
Africa’s population is the fastest growing in the world and will account for nearly half of the global population growth over the next two decades. It is expected to increase from about 1.2 billion people today to over 1.8 billion in 2035, a roughly 50% increase over the next 18 years.

Source: Africa