Sitting at the kitchen table celebrating the start of a new decade, we declared ENOUGH.

Having experienced the effects of inequity and exclusion in different forms from different areas for far too long, we knew something radically different must be done.

Recognizing that solutions can’t come from the same mindsets that created the problems…our mission became clear.

To leverage technology to solve business and socio-economic challenges.


We are passionate founders solving some of the most pressing challenges in the world, Food Insecurity and impacts of Climate Change

Our passion for empowerment, inclusion coupled with our expertise, solution orientation and the desire to make an impact in this world have been the driving force behind our business.

Our Purpose

To increase food production, advance healthy food systems and improve climate resilience through meaningful innovation.

Our Team

We are a diverse team in South Africa and the United States, with different backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences. These differences are what make our creativity and innovation flourish.

We are innovators who see challenges through the lens of possibilities and opportunities for growth.

We believe in the pursuit of doing good, by transforming ideas into actions and actions into Impact.

Our Partners