What Success Looks Like


An increase in farmers throughput, effectiveness and technological progress contributing to profitability, increased employment with living wages, and food secure communities.

Resilient Agriculture

A robust and adaptable agricultural sector able to withstand environmental, social, economic, and institutional challenges and sudden shocks.

Environmental Sustainability

Increased awareness and greater adoption of eco-smart farming techniques by small farmers to produce safe and nutritious food, advancing healthy food systems, and planet health.

Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through enforcement of regenerative farming techniques by food processing companies for increased resource use efficiency and greater adoption of environmentally sound technologies and industrial processes.

Reduced Inequality

Full participation of women in agriculture by increasing women’s rights to land, access to technologies and financial services to increase their competitiveness, increase food production, reduce hunger, and curb malnutrition.

Recent studies show that if women had the same access to resources as men, they would increase yields of farms by 20-30% and reduce hunger by up to 17%.