At Fourth Wave Technology

We have modified and simplified AI and ML technologies to suit the needs of smallholder farmers and women in unserved communities; making disruptive technologies appropriate, accessible, affordable, and easily adoptable.

What We Do

We enable small farmers to implement data- driven and regenerative farming for precision, increased throughput, environmental longevity, profitability, and food secure communities.

How We Get It Done

A Climate-smart farming mobile Application driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) Technologies

A Multilingual and Interactive AI powered Mobile App that offers small farmers a comprehensive, practical, and user-friendly agricultural advisory, aggregation and engagement platform.

The EVOFARM App is the AI agronomist, accessible anywhere, anytime in any language with text to speech. We use groundbreaking technologies that generate speech with humanlike intonation.

Farmers can access agricultural advice, monitor farm health in real-time, capture farm activities to monitor and track crop progress and yield. Manage crop nutrients levels, manage soil health, use water efficiently, and access markets to trade.