At Fourth Wave Technology

We promote sustainable agriculture through Clean Technologies.
Our innovative solutions help farmers, policy makers, the agrifood and water industries.

What We Do

We enable small farmers to implement data- driven and regenerative farming for precision, increased throughput, environmental longevity, profitability, and food secure communities.

By so doing, we help food manufacturing companies meet sustainability and corporate mandates by procuring the best products from small farmers, that have been grown the right way to advance healthy food systems and planet health.

How We Get It Done

The EVOFARM – a multilingual and interactive, AI agronomist in farmers pockets, accessible
in any language, anywhere, anytime.

By learning regenerative farming techniques of treating and restoring the soil, farmers can enhance carbon capture through improved porosity in the soil, enhancing water absorption during rainfall and irrigation, reducing irrigation water requirements by up to 30% while preventing runoffs and minimizing algae blooms in nearby rivers.

A Cloud- based Business Intelligence Platform designed to explore and analyse data. The dashboard enables the collection, interpretation, integration, and dissemination of real time data and insights using customized charts, graphs, and reports.

Organizations and Policymakers can access robust, real-time data and insights that can be integrated from multiple sources to help speed up decision making and problem solving. Different levels of data reports based on predetermined metrics can be generated weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

Teams can drill down deeper to the most granular data to discover the why behind insights, including real-time alerts to trigger action.